• Premio Ecomondo 2012
    The 1st prize for Sustainable Development awarded
    Policarta for the first-ever flexible composite
    packaging material certified as compostable
    Innovation: to be continued...
    Nature will thank you
    1° Premio Sviluppo Sostenibile 2012
  • Pap Film
    A composite paper-film material combining the artisanal aspect provided by paper, with technical advantages of packaging in film.
    Pap Film
  • Pap Film Eco
    A new product patented by Policarta and certified as completely compostable: a revolutionary development in the world of multi-component packaging materials.
    sustainable packaging
    Pap Film Eco
    Premio Ecomondo 2012
  • Chef Pack
    New technology developed and patented by Policarta for a 100% biodegradable packaging suitable for cooking in both conventional and microwave ovens of pre–cooked / deep-frozen foods in completely hermetic and hygienic conditions
    Much more than
    just a ordinary
    Chef Pack
  • Fresh & Safe®
    Material patented by Policarta 100% biodegradable packaging of fresh bread. 
    Breathes – Transparent – Hygienic – Printable – Ecological
    The package
    that breathes
    Fresco & Protetto

Ecomondo 2012



Chef Pack™

A 100% biodegradable patented material allowing to package pre-cooked and/or deep-frozen food and to complete the cooking process directly in the package, using both ordinary and microwave ovens, and with the packaging completely sealed.


Fresh & Safe®

A 100% biodegradable patented material allowing to package freshly baked bread coming straight from the oven (still hot) into the package that arrives to the consumer completely sealed and directly from the baker.


Herbs & Coffee

herb-confezioniDo you own a herbalist’s store or a coffee-roasting business?
Discover a special service that Policarta developed expressly for you.

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