Posted: 17 novembre 2014

Recyclability of paper materials and packaging.

Policarta attended the conference “RICICLABILITÀ DEI MATERIALI E IMBALLAGGI A BASE CELLULOSICA” (Recyclability of paper materials and packaging) held by “Centro Qualità Carta” in cooperation with “Comieco”.
The purpose of the meeting was to analyze current issues increasingly important such as the environmental impact of packagings.
The wrapping must be redesigned in order to: optimizing the chosen materials, limiting as much as possible the environmental impact, and promoting the recycling in paper industry.
All the efforts of the several chains in the paper industry are focused on thelife cycle of packagings, from production to post-consumption, as a function of increasingly eco-friendly models.
Since several years “Centro Qualità Carta” in cooperation with “COMIECO” had started a raising awareness campaign concerning recyclability.


The conference is aimed to promote and improve information exchanges among the several branches of the paper industry, to convey the new legislation and the new options aimed to improve the packagings’ recyclability and the macerating quality.
Policarta and his sector “Ricerca & Sviluppo” (Research & Development) keeps on focusing on these topics and, for importance and concreteness, the brand new technology “NoW” is confirmed to be the only one capable to guarantee the complete recyclabilaty of mixed paper materials according to the forthcoming norms with the european project “Eco Paper Loop”


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