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Patented technology able to produce laminated materials 100% recyclable.

A new technology for a different design of laminated packaging, for its recycling and the improvement of its environmental performance.

NoW - No Waste

It is the brand new technology that Policarta has recently introduced into its already ample range of products. Its acronym "No waste" is explicit!

Thanks to this technology it is possible to award every paper disposal coupled gaining, as a result, the total recycling of all the materials of which it is made of.
This is without any additional cost compared to a standard coupled. Nevertheless you will take advantages as it is inclusive in the payment of CONAI contribution (0,004/kg instead of 0,14 of COREPLAL).

The technology innovation of packaging must guarantee the environmental conservation
1. Prevention
2. Product re-use
3. Material recycle
4. Organic recycle
(compost or biogas) (Pap Film Eco - Brev. Policarta - Compostable )
5. Energetic recycle

Recycle certification of materials according to ATICELCA procedure 501 - 13

- Brand new realization system of poli-coupled materials
- Use of standard materials
- Use of standard system of production
- Standard manner in phase of use

- Standard costs of packaging
- Certifiable material according to the procedure ATICELCA MC 501-11 , MC 501-13 , ISO 18604-2013 EN 643

- Material delivery to the production chain of paper
- Application of CONAI paper duty
- Discretion of using low-thickness films with material recycling

- Simple splitting and recovering in water of every piece of packaging – Paper and Films

With simple procedures we are able to achieve splitting and recovering of the paper parts from plastic films thanks to the POLIACCOPPIATO (polycoupled) realized according to our new technology. At the end of the first separation of paper from film, it is possible to initiate a process of division and identification of the mixed films. The system is obviously based on the different materials' basis weight.