Posted: 25 marzo 2015

Co-operation Taghleef Industries and Policarta

NoW™ laminates are designed to be processed in the existing paper recycling plants, where all the different substrates can be easily separated and, consequently, recycled.
Taghleef Industries and Policarta cooperated in the development of a laminate made of 70g/m2 coated paper + 15 micron metalized BOPP, which thanks to NoW™ technology, obtained the certificate for recyclability according to the recently introduced ATICELCA 501/13, UNI EN 643 and INGEDE 6-2009 norms.
Tests have been performed by Stazione Sperimentale Carta, Cartoni e Paste per Carta in Milan.
This packaging structure can be widely used in packaging of food products requiring barrier to moisture and oxygen, such as biscuits and salty snacks.

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