BRC Packaging Certificated

Chef Pack ™

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Chef Pack
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Much more than a simple package.
Patented material, 100% biodegradable.


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Patented technology able to produce laminated materials 100% recyclable.

Pap Film Eco

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Pap Film Eco
“Eco-nomically” and “eco-logically” sustainable packaging

Fresh & Safe ®


Flat-bottom bags

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Flat-bottom bags
Flat-bottom bags with or without a transparent window

Square-bottom bags



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You herbalist or roasting?
Discover the special services that Policarta has designed for you.


The key words that best represent our products are: innovation, research and environmental sustainability.


Tradition today.

We build the future on the solid foundations of the past.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with more ways of valorising their products, and we accomplish that by a blend of creativity, innovation and concern for the environment.

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TUV International Certification

That’s why working with Policarta would give you a competitive edge.

In fact, for over 150 years Policarta is dedicated to the research and development of packaging for alimentary and non-alimentary products.Policarta was born as a company producing cellulose materials; and in spite of the fact that subsequently it modified first its character and then its structure, it hasn’t changed its natural avocation for creating products in which paper is a predominant component.
Our research and development are oriented towards creating eco-sustainable products and processes where “eco” expresses not only environmental but also economic sustainability. That has allowed Policarta to develop a vast range of solutions for numerous requirements of the packaging world while always looking out for the environment.
It is not by chance that the electricity we use is 100% derived from sustainable sources.



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